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The True Cost of Non-Compliance: What You Need to Understand About Personal Liability

Liability is getting increasingly personal

Recent regulations across the world have put more emphasis on holding Chief Compliance Officers and Chief Risk Officers accountable for non-compliance. In addition to organizations receiving steep fines and facing the consequences of reputational damage, individuals now risk being fined and even serving jail time for failing to ensure and supervise compliance.

In our webcast, industry experts discussed the true cost of not being compliant and shared how organizations can take the appropriate measures to prevent common mistakes and breaches from taking place within their company.

The webcast covered:

  • Lessons learned from recent liability charges brought against Chief Compliance Officers
  • A thorough review of the regulatory changes that are increasing personal liability risks for compliance professionals
  • Steps organizations can take to address obligations and develop a robust and fool-proof risk and compliance governance
  • How efficient processes and fit-for-purpose technology play a pivotal role in mitigating liability risks at a corporate and individual level


  • [Moderator] Claudia Coutinho-De Somma, Account Executive, Clausematch
  • James Fairclough, Executive Director and UK Compliance Officer, LHCM
  • Kristy Grant-Hart, CEO, Spark Compliance Consulting
  • Tom Fox, Founder and Creator, Compliance Podcast Network
  • Ezekiel Ward, Founder, North Star Compliance


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