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Managing Compliance Risks to Avoid Fines and Reputational Damage

The industry has seen a notable rise in sanctions and fines imposed by regulators on companies who show a deficiency in their compliance processes. In 2021 alone, regulators imposed billions of fines on organizations for compliance-related violations.

As regulators continue to crack down on firms failing to properly implement sanctions and AML policies, it's more important than ever to ensure your organization is fully covered from a compliance perspective. 

Watch our webcast with GRC Expert Michael Rasmussen and Nick Melas, Principal Consultant at Clausematch, as they uncovered the strategies you can leverage to protect your organization from fines and minimize reputational risk.

In this webcast, we discussed:

  • The types of fines organizations are getting from a compliance standpoint and how to avoid these same pitfalls
  • Tips to help organizations identify current gaps in their compliance processes and avoid reputational risk

  • How technology solutions can help you tighten up your control environment, including policies and procedures

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