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How to Bring Your Policy Management Process Into the 21st Century

How to Bring Your Policy Management Process Into the 21st Century

To navigate compliance effectively in the 21st century, you need 21st-century tools. With new rules and updates coming in frequently, and rising expectations from regulators, sticking with what's familiar — tools that have been on our office computers for over three decades — is no longer the safe option. But how can organizations adapt to new technologies and make compliance an integral part of their firm's culture?

Industry experts Freddie Frith, Head of SMB at Clausematch, Adeel Liaqat, Co-founder and Managing Director at NovaVu, Melanie Wright, Director, Strategic Integration, Regulatory Strategy & Delivery, Personal & Commercial Banking at Royal Bank of Canada and Koen Vanderhoydonk, CEO at Blanco Services sat down with us to discuss:

  • Why current solutions like Word, Excel, and SharePoint aren't solving your policy management problems
  • Tips to help your organization prove the effectiveness of your compliance programs
  • How to streamline the process of creating, consulting on, disseminating, and enforcing new rules

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