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Webinar: Why Compliance needs Innovation



Financial institutions and RegTech companies all over the world are placing more and more resources into developing technology solutions to keep up with the never ending regulatory changes. But, it can be hard to innovate and keep compliant when utilising new technology.

We have gathered leading innovative experts in the industry to discuss why innovation is key for compliance and what makes a good innovation team?

The panelists will cover:

  • Key factors when choosing a technology
  • How are projects usually budgeted?
  • Barriers to enter when technology meets culture
  • How to cope with change management
  • What makes a good innovation team?


David Cowland - Head of Compliance operations at Fidelity Natasha Vernier - MD Innovation at FinTrail
Sophia Bantanidis - Head of Regulatory Strategy & Policy TSS Innovation Treasury and Trade Solution at Citi 



David Noble - Senior VP Sales at ClauseMatch