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Webinar: The future of compliance is digital, connected, and automated​

The Future of Compliance is Digital, Connected and Automated

Between March and April 2020, businesses had 3,000 regulatory updates to deal with. But the compliance workload was huge even before the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2019, businesses received 200 regulatory updates a day, compared to just 10 a day in 2004.

The size of the workload is only one piece of the puzzle. For many organizations, the bigger problem is that their policies and procedures are scattered everywhere, buried in spreadsheets, siloed documents, and email trails dating back years. This adds more complexity to compliance's already difficult job.

It's hard enough to keep up with a constant stream of regulatory updates.

In this webinar we will look into:
  • The main challenges of the back office and front office
  • What has changed the recent months
  • The solution
  • How to build the business case


Michael Rasmussen - GRC 20/20 Pundit
Anastasia Dokuchaeva - Head of Partnerships at ClauseMatch