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Beyond the buzzword: A guide on how to integrate ESG into your compliance strategy

ESG has been around for some time but only in recent years have companies been taking it more seriously. 

Now, notably following COP26, there appears to be a heightened level of urgency from the investor community and companies are increasingly looking to take a more proactive stance to manage ESG risks.

But before companies can manage ESG risks, first they need to be able to measure them. And before they can measure them, they need to be defined.

In this eBook, we cover:
  • Debunking ESG and what it means to your company strategy
  • Implementing a full ESG strategy for the right reasons 
  • What to consider as you prepare for ESG
  • How can organizations define ESG?
  • How leading organizations are leveraging RegTech to meet their ESG obligations
  • How RegTech is evolving in response to ESG
  • How can the industry prepare - from decarbonization to policy management? 



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